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Na-Ku And Trill Xoe Are The Ultimate Duo

Separately, Na-ku and Trill Xoe are true artists.  With Na-ku mastering this blend of storytelling and hypnotizing vocals and Trill Xoe bodying every beat he makes, these two coming together is a collision of musical talents.

Growing up in Lagos, Nigeria, Na-Ku started making music as part of a duo under the name Inver$e, in 2016. He started making music as a solo act in 2018 with his first single “Love Like This”, which was a remake of the single by Trill Xoe. He is also working on his “Bad Mood” trilogy. He wishes to release the sequel to the first “Bad Mood” in the first quarter of 2021. He also hopes to release the final EP in the final quarter of the same year. He’s inspired and influenced by artistes like; Wizkid, Young Thug, Santi, Travis Scott and Drake. During his hiatus, Na-Ku took up producing and now hopes to be heavily involved in the production of his music. 

Trill got into music production at 15 via his senior in secondary school, who introduced him to Fruity Loops and taught him some basics. Already musically inclined by being a drummer in his church, it did not take long for Trill to start remaking beats to some of his favorite songs like Chief Keef’s ‘Love Sosa’.

Trill started off as a Hip-Hop producer before leaving Nigeria for university in the island of Mauritius, where he had friends from various parts of Africa and was so exposed to different African sounds. This, along with the rising ‘alté’ scene back home inspired Trill to push himself to improve his range of production. 

Trill credits Sarz, RZA, Kanye West, Mike Dean, and Travis Scott as producers that have influenced his sound. Mastering a variety of unique sounds, from the hard-key blasts on a South African house beat to the soft guitar strumming of an Afro-beats love tune, Trill is one of the more diverse African producers right now.

When these two came together to make a song it was a perfect blend of beats and vocals. Na-ku sings about a failing relationship, perfectly setting the mood for the listeners with his lyrics, tone and ad libs. Trill  am in Lekki is a beautiful, sad song that will tug on your heartstrings and make listeners nostalgic for a relationship they didn’t even have. 

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Betty Godson
Betty Godson